Top Reasons Why Tableau Is Better Then MS Excel for Creating Dashboards

As the analytics industry is continuing to grow over time, it offers given opportunities to companies to make tools which specifically focus on specific areas of the info analytics techniques like data change, data formatting, visualisation etc.

Because of this a few of the old tools have clearly experienced the brunt of the gap made up of the development of the industry. MS Excel used to be always a standard tool employed by most organizations around the globe to generate dashboards.

In today’s status of the industry Tableau has ended up being the most well-liked choice for dashboards and data visualisation jobs to displace the MS Excel’s functions. Why don’t we explore some known reasons for this switch in choice?

  1. Computed Areas – An extremely basic feature that the tool provides us is the fact it allows the end-users to produce custom areas on the take flight to be able to facilitate the mandatory values in a fresh column in addition to the existing data in the foundation files.

Obviously it adds an even overall flexibility while creating dashboards in Tableau. In ways, it covers the necessity to create new areas from existing areas in required types. You can also visit to get more information about tableau e Learning course.

  1. Active Dashboards – Tableau allows the end-users to set-up dynamic dashboards. This enables the end-client to check out their data at many levels from the main one dashboard. Since dashboards and visualisations renew in real-time, it will be helps it be a suitable choice.

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