4 Popular Web Design Trends

Web design is a creative field and the modern design trends proceed to change and evolve. With the advent of new technology and innovation, the ability to produce the unique and functional sites become that much more possible. Here are a few of the popular web design trends:

Custom illustrations

Illustrations are an adaptable solution to include unique visuals to the display. The friendly and playful illustrations are a straightforward, yet effective way to add some fun to the website.

An experienced illustrator is easily in a position to create the designs that are totally tailored to complement the firmness and personality of the brand. You can also browse the web to get more information about web design technologies online.

web-design-trends-2016.jpg (5000×3165)

Bold typography

The usage of beautiful, vibrant and big typography has the capacity to create the right firmness, evoke emotion and create personality. Together with the sharper display screen resolutions, the written text is better to read on-screen rendering it possible to create hand-rendered typography that is exclusive to any other designs.

Authentic photography

The web site built using real photography really helps to create the most attractive and well-known brands. Many sites count on stock photographs; however, they are often recognized as not being original.

Mobile-first approach

Together with the ever-growing reputation of mobile systems, there are numerous sites that are designed with a mobile-first methodology. This design strategy means that the restriction of the mobile programs, including the significantly smaller display size is considered during building the website.

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