The Dog Food Ingredients

 The majority of the general population wonders why anybody in their right mind would want to follow such a regime. .it appears to be a life based on restriction and deprivation. Pictures of people walking around hungry half to death munching on raw carrots daily are what leap to mind.

A raw foods diet includes eating living foods only. Including uncooked fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouted grains. No food that’s been cooked over 112 degrees. Many raw foodists are also vegans meaning they don’t consume any animal products at all, but non-vegans may consist of raw fish, meat, and dairy products. You can also Learn through What Foods Can be Dangerous to Dogs.

This might seem extreme since it so different from the Standard American Diet that’s become the standard for many people for their whole lives. This Standard American Diet (SAD. . .an appropo acronym) includes an exorbitant amount of cooked animal products, meat, dairy, processed foods, sugar and artificial ingredients. Green vegetables are almost non-existent and fiber. .what is that?

In fact, which of both of these diets is extreme? The one which leads to increased energy and vitality, a young look, weight loss, longevity and optimal health or the one which contributes to a range of degenerative diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer which plague our nation and are completely preventable? Personally, given the choice between aging gracefully and keeping my present energy and fitness levels before the end of my life versus being reliant upon medicine and slowly watching my body fall apart to the point where I can’t continue to do what I love, I believe the choice is pretty obvious.

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