Pigeons As a Case Study

According to the Oxford dictionary “an animal, a bird etc that you have at home for enjoyment, rather than one which is kept for food or work”.

Any animal that eats sleeps and strains in your home can be known as a pet. These creatures could be dogs, cats, monkeys, parrots, rodents such as rabbits, rabbits, guinea pigs etc; in extreme instances snakes, eagles, raccoons, swallows, crocodiles etc. however, I am here to discuss just one of those pets- PIGEONS. You can et Everything you need to know about pigeons through http://www.techno-bird.com/th/chain-magnet/.

As you all know, pigeons belong to the avian family (birds). They can be called social beings. But one magnificent thing about these animals is their humility and the overall slogan for which they’re noted for “live and let live” an term that seems ironical to other community of creatures, to me this is the quality which makes them unique creatures to ever walk the surface of the planet and fly over the heavens, and as they flap their wings in humility and in unison spread peace, prosperity, and love throughout the length and breadth of the habitation.

Now, I got hooked on pigeons a year or two ago, 1996 to be exact, I was still in my early teens at the moment, looking back now I find this experience very nostalgic every time I reminisce. Like I said previously, I must learn about these loveable avian creatures through a buddy through many years my senior, nevertheless we were brought together as friends because of the frequent thing we shared: being the enthusiasm for pigeons.

I visited his place regularly merely to examine the life pattern of these distinctive birds and every time I look at them, they got more endeared and intriguing they become to me and my longing to have my own community of pigeons improved, until I fulfilled this desire by obtaining two collections of pigeons; two males and two females respectively from whom I built a community of pigeons so big, that I became the envy of many.

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