6 Latest Wedding Trends

Snap the moment

People in the modern world care more about pictures than the occasion. Trends have changed in Sydney. The modern-day couple wants quirky photobooth installed at the wedding venues Campbelltown, Castle Hill as the latest trend. Photobooths have become interactive these days. You can take a slow-motion shot, a gif image or a green screen and customise your background. It is a good way to keep your guests indulged.

Multi-tiered cakes

Gone are the days when conventional dessert was the choice. Cakes have taken over as the new attraction of the event (after a couple of course). A cake should essentially be large enough to serve a long guest list. Multi-tiered cakes are in fashion. Raising up the standards, dripping wedding cake trend is a ‘cherry on the cake’.

Themed Wedding Venue

Going to an attractive venue, Wedding Venues Croydon are known for trendy theme based wedding setup. A theme based wedding has all the essentials right from decor to dress planned in advance and depicts, maybe a common color, emotion or essence. There are beach style weddings, dark space-themed wedding, colorful wedding and what not.



Creative Signage

Custom chalkboards and a beautiful graphical art or calligraphy art is old school but evergreen. Another prevailing trend is the creative signage used especially as photo booth props having quirky adjectives or titles to describe people.

Satin Wedding Dresses

The concept of an ideal wedding dress has changed. People like to experiment. Brides now taking a turn from contemporary chiffon and organdy fabric fluffy dresses to satin dress adding more to the appeal and class. It is smooth, elegant and surely catches everyone’s attention.

Transparent Elements

The new innovative wedding idea is to use more and more of transparent, sheer elements in the wedding right from decor to the ambiance of the venue. Use glass for the interior setup such as flower pots, other components of decor.


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