Problems Of Car Battery

Do you have problems with starting your vehicle? You are turning the key but nothing happens, the engine won’t even move? Then you’re dealing with a battery issue. What should you do? You ask everyone to give you a jump start.

For people who own one, you can connect the battery to a charger and power up till it has enough electricity to start the engine. The following day you have the identical issue. The battery is drained and the motor will not even bunch. Conclusion: you are facing an electrical issue.

The essential reason why your car would not start: you might have left the stationary lights or other accessories switched on, which will bring about a certain battery drain. Lights or accessories such as the sound system are powered by the battery. Visit for learning more about ssr relay.

Another reason may be the battery which does not charge while the car is on the move (you might have a charging problem; in that scenario, you should check in the alternator also).

There might also be a parasite electric drain in off the key mode. This might occur due to a relay still sticking, or of a module that’s not shut down or of a busted diode inside the alternator. And the worse case scenario: the battery is old and can not charge correctly, whereby it needs to be substituted.

Therefore the first thing you will need to check is the battery, then have a look at the alternator. The obvious way to do this is to turn on the headlights. When they change on without any problems as well as the lights are great I do not really think there is an issue with the battery; the problem may be brought on by a bad starter or a bad relay, a faulty wiring connection between the newcomer as well as the solenoid.

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