Working of Relays

Relay because we all know is an audible component.  They function by applying current to the coil ends of their relays.  This power could be AC or DC.  This really is relays could be controlled by Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC). 

The voltages may be 5,6,12 or 24 and 110 as much as DC is concerned while it may be managed through AC voltages also.  AC voltages may be 6,12,24,48,110 & 230 Volts.AC operated relays are used where high power will be controlled whereas DC controlled relays are used in which comparatively low power will be controlled. 

They are typically lighter than their DC counterpart.  As a result of reduced efficacy of the coil used in AC relays, it’s normal to heat the coil up over DC operated relays. These AC relays need to be operated at their minimum pickup voltage differently humming happens which is quite annoying.  If you want to Find an expert in designing & developing latest industrial electronic products click at

 Care needs to be taken to keep voltage amount if more relays should be operated at one time.  This is due to coil’s inherent property of absorbing more present (known as inrush current) at the time of beginning.  Even though this stabilizes once relay is on.AC relay is usually controlled via mechanical switches or is controlled via little DC relays. 

In other words, just the AC power applied to the coil is controlled via smaller DC relays.  Hence the situation becomes similar to this.  A digital circuit controls a little DC relay. 

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