6 Essential Landscaping Design Commercial Offices Should Have

Offices are normally the most boring places. People tend to resist the vibes of a 9 to 6 office. It may be hard to escape the work but if the work atmosphere is made better productivity will surely rise. A good surrounding helps retaining existing employees. Here are some of the interactive office landscaping tips you may follow:

A beautiful fountain or waterfall like structure in lobby

Lobby or main entrance should have a beautiful fountain built in the middle for a warm welcome to employees.

Split level garden in corridor of two parallel buildings

Some offices have parallel buildings with a little corridor between the two. These spaces are often left vacant and serves as a dumping spot. Designing an attractive split level garden with innovative hardscaping may add to the value of the property. This will be a good place to hang around.

Beach side work environment is the new cool

Snapchat has its headquarters located on coast to make working with a sea view more interesting. They have an urban street like landscapes all around. A private beach is the part of headquarters which is developed and maintained properly.

Vertical gardening on office walls

Adding greenery into interior walls can be exciting. Ask your contractor of Landscaping Collaroy to design an unusual vertical gardening design for any office corridor or main area. One of the creative style is a typography wall and vines hanging out of it. Vertical gardens can be put up by using old plastic bottles and container, growing plants and flowers in it and hanging it on walls.

Play innovative with hardscaping and rocks

Hardscaping is not just about aligning rocks. There is a lot you can do with that. Arrange for large rocks to build a structure that imitates natural waterfall. Add LEd lighting to it. Ask your contractor of Landscaping Petersham to create a piece of art with such rocks. Hardscaping work should be eye catching.

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