What To Know About The Expert Witness Economic Damages

There are now widespread concerns about unfair competition that can wreck major parts of an economy. Also, besides unfair competition there are certain related practices that all redound to ways that can break an economy. Mostly this can start on the local level and can go on to snowball to state and national ones.

For many companies, there is a set of regulations for compliance that may be related, and these could be used in suits. For folks like the expert witness economic damages in Los Angeles it will mean that those who are pedigreed experts in this line are called on to testify in court. This does not need to side with complainant or defendant.

The testimony is often something that supports evidence or an argument being made by either parties. This means that there may not be enough evidence or proof or that a forensic details needs to be backed up by objective facts. The witness therefore is tasked only to relate things according to his or her expertise.

Economics is a very important and vital word to anyone involved in business or is employed. And damages along these lines are something that can amount to sabotage, and there may be companies who may practice things that straddle the line between legal and illegal. The success of any given suit or damage claims for this will depend on your lawyer.

Your expert who takes the witness stand needs only to be a certified economic expert to be useful. She or he should not support any side, and when the testimony goes towards one side or another, the attorney for that side may be handling the cross examination. The witness does his or her best to simply answer questions in a straightforward way.

Attorneys will simply deal in abstract concepts and suppositions or implications related to the testimony. It is not going to be material evidence of the damning kind, but one that helps to clarify things. A lawyer could also turn the testimonial evidence in knots, depending on his purpose or his line of argument.

The witness is usually called upon by one side to provide some needed material. It will also be something that is objective, as mentioned, and at any time that one attorney not in the cross examination run thinks that the questions are leading, he may object. If the judge deems it relevant and right, questioning could be rephrased.

Economic sabotage that results in widespread or serious damage has grave consequences. Some companies can go down simply because of this. It is often the work of competitors or part of the competitive business processes that apply in the commercial world.

Still, no one really has the right to call anything sabotage of this kind before guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt. Also, for the complainant side, only a few items are needed for them to make the case here. It is something that could tie up a couple of contending companies for some time and can be an expensive process for both.

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