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Boat Handling Coaching on Your Boat

Do you find that many skilled boaters offer you advice on handling your boat but it doesn’t seem to quite work as planned when your try to implement their advice?

Have you found you are not going out on the boat as much as you supposed you would?

Do you love the suitability of having a marina berth, but wish it didn’t come with the pressure and anxiety you are feeling from getting in and out of the berth?

Do you find owning a boat can sometimes be quite stressful? Having a planned coaching session for you on your boat can have a very powerful effect on your confidence and capability to start using the boat regularly and safely.You can also Check out about coxswain course in Sydney.

As you know, there is no substitute to gain knowledge through time on the water and owning your own boat should be a perfect way of gaining that skill. Unfortunately for many, once they own a boat they are not really sure how to then get training or advice to improve their skills and often then seemingly simple skills such as leaving the berth, anchoring for lunch or naturally keeping clear of other vessels on a busy day in the harbor become quite irresistible.

Quite quickly without the correct support what started as a dream to own a boat and embrace the freedom that can bring into your life, can become quite threatening and frustrating and sadly often leads to boats being underused.