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Notable Buildings In Sydney That Are A Piece Of Architecture

Chifley Tower: It is a premium skyscraper designed by New York-based architects. It is the tallest building in Sydney. Due to its prominent location, the tower has broad harbor views from its 42 stories.

Australia Square: The building is an office and retail complex in the business district. The building is regarded as one of the iconic buildings of Australian architecture. It has remained as the only tallest building in Sydney for nine years.

AMP Centre: AMP Centre is located at 50 Bridge Street is a commercial center. The redevelopment of the project is under process which is expected to be completed in 2020. The new design is a totally modern approach and is going to be a symbol of pride for builders Sydney.

Queen Victoria building: Queen Victoria Building is a piece of Roman architecture built in the late nineteenth century by architect George McRae. The building is listed as a heritage site. Great Australian clock is a piece of attraction in the building.

Sydney Tower: Sydney Tower is the tallest structure in Sydney and second tallest observation tower in Southern Hemisphere. It is a member of a world federation of great towers. Also known as Sydney Tower eye, it is a significant sight in the skyline of Sydney.

Hyde Park Barracks: The building is now turned into a museum built in the late nineteenth century by a convict architect. It depicts the old architecture and made entirely of bricks and compound. Work of carpenters in Sydney is another piece of detailing to be looked up.

World Tower Sydney: World tower was built in 2001 in Sydney. The building is considered to be the tallest residential building in the city since 2004. At the foot of the world, the tower is a shopping complex with a supermarket.

Sydney Town Hall: It was built in a late nineteenth century and is listed on Register of National Estate. It houses the chambers of lord mayors of Sydney.