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Will Your Lasik Surgery Be Covered By Insurance?

Lasik vision correction surgical treatment is progressively becoming a chosen method for individuals wanting to recover their vision. The Lasik process takes just a few minutes, is effortless and has a very high success rate.

There is no need for hospitalization and patients can walk out of the surgical treatment center a few hours after the surgery. Post-surgery there are just a few limitations and that too for a limited period of time. All these do not come inexpensive though. To know How Long is the Recovery Period After Eye Surgery? browse online.

Lasik vision correction surgical treatment comes with a rather high price tag, which escalates further in case of eyes that have deteriorated to a great extent. The cost of Lasik surgical procedure varies importantly from place to place. Since Lasik surgical procedure is elective, you will find that most insurance companies do not cover this procedure.

You should check your insurance plans before you decide to go in for Lasik eye surgical procedure. Even if you have vision insurance you may find that your plan may not cover Lasik eye surgical treatment as it is considered an elective process.

You should also check with your employer. Some employers have an agreement with certain Lasik centers to give their employees special rates and discounts. Some cover companies now offer a new kind of plan called ‘expanded vision insurance program plan’.

This covers more than just the basic eye examinations, contact lenses and eyeglasses and could also contain Lasik surgical treatment in the plan. An expanded vision insurance program plan may not always pay the entire amount needed for the process.